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23 March 2017
Political Islam(s) and jihadism(s): Dynamics and challenges
Dr François Burgat


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20 April 2017
Colloquium Task Force Commemoration 14-18 : The United States, the policeman of the world: from the Lusitania to the focus on the Pacific

18 May 2017
The European mutual defence clause: myth or reality?

15 June 2017
The protection of energy infrastructure

21 September 2017
EU-Russia relations: State of affairs

12 October 2017
Cyberwarfare and computerisation of warfare (in cooperation with the Study Centre for Military Law and Law of War)

23 November 2017
The challenges facing the African continent

14 December 2017
The use of non-lethal weapons (or capabilities) in modern conflicts and in the defence against terrorism

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Recent publications

e-Note 22

FP34-01Quel cadre légal pour la lutte armée contre l’Etat Islamique ?
Catheline REMY

e-Note 21

FP34-01Hervorming Special Operations Forces: Vijf dimensies voor de voltooiing
Lars Scraeyen

rmb08Belgian Military Publication 13

December 2016

      Security & Strategy 129

vs128La gestion internationale des conflits africains: Prévenir, Protéger et Projeter.
Myrto Hatzigeorgopoulo

      Security & Strategy 128

vs128Confronting Threats from the Political-Criminal Nexus in Greater Central Eurasia: Implications for operations and future armed conflicts
Nicolas Gosset


Focus Paper 36

FP34-01Russia-EU Relations:
An Era of Sanction Policy and
International (Dis)order
Maarten Toelen

Focus Paper 35

FP34-01Defending Europe: Dual-Use Technologies and Drone Development in the European Union
Dr Raluca Csernatoni

Focus Paper 34

FP34-01La viabilité des frontières africaines au regard des revendications d’ordre identitaire Les exemples de Bakassi et de l’Azawad
Déborah Guidez


On 20 October 2016 the vice-president of the Fédération nationale des sapeurs-pompiers de France presented Major PhD Erik De Soir with a special medal that can be awarded to firefighters in France for outstanding services. He received the medal for having created the European Association of Fire & Rescue Psychology and for his contribution and support to French fire brigades in the wake of some disasters and the terrorist attacks in particular. This formal recognition is the reward for his voluntary action over many years. Major De Soir is domain manager “Human Factors & Medicine” at the Department Scientific and Technological Research of Defence of the Royal Higher Institute for Defence.