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21 September 2017

Belgium and International Organization. Expert Views

Etienne Davignon,
Chairman of the Board, Egmont Institute.
Minister of State

Herman Van Rompuy
President of the European Policy Center.
Minister of State

24 October 2017

Cybersecurity, Cyber Defence and
The Computerization of Warfare




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Recent publications

e-Note 23

FP34-01Democracy and the DRC: a failed encounter?
Myrto Hatzigeorgopoulos


e-Note 22

FP34-01Quel cadre légal pour la lutte armée contre l’Etat Islamique ?
Catheline Remy

rmb08Belgian Military Publication 14

June 2017


Security & Strategy 129

vs128La gestion internationale des conflits africains: Prévenir, Protéger et Projeter.
Myrto Hatzigeorgopoulos

Security & Strategy 128

vs128Confronting Threats from the Political-Criminal Nexus in Greater Central Eurasia: Implications for operations and future armed conflicts
Nicolas Gosset


Focus Paper 36

FP34-01Russia-EU Relations:
An Era of Sanction Policy and
International (Dis)order
Maarten Toelen

Focus Paper 35

FP34-01Defending Europe: Dual-Use Technologies and Drone Development in the European Union
Dr Raluca Csernatoni

Focus Paper 34

FP34-01La viabilité des frontières africaines au regard des revendications d’ordre identitaire Les exemples de Bakassi et de l’Azawad
Déborah Guidez


André Dumoulin (RHID) and Nicolas Gros-Verheyde (blog B2) have co-authored a book titled La politique européenne de sécurité et de défense commune, which was published by “les éditions du Villard” in April 2017. This 500-page book is intended as a reference document in French and was prefaced by Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.



The tenth seminar of the High Studies for Security and Defence (HSSD) took place on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 June 2017. Due to a happy coincidence of timing, the auditors could attend the second day of the Officers & Entrepreneurs Forum that also took place in the Campus Renaissance.
The closing academic meeting of the 12th HSSD session, on Saturday 24 June, was the last event and was honoured by the presence of the Chief of Defence and a select audience of top military and civilian authorities, as well as by numerous alumni. Mr Alfons Vanheusden and Professor Terry Gill had the opportunity to present the Leuven Manual on the International Law Applicable to Peace Operations to the public before its publication. During their conference, titled Discovering a new toolbox for legal questions in peace operations, they were able to highlight some aspects of it. Before the official graduation ceremony the directors-general of the RHID and the Egmont Institute stressed the high quality of the HSSD and praised both the auditors of the 12th session and the programme proposed throughout the past academic year. The event was closed with a reception and a lunch.



The Belgian Minister of Defence endorsed the candidates for the next session of the High Studies for Security and Defence (HSSD) 2017-2018. The 13th HSSD session will start with its first seminar on 8 September 2017.



On 8 June 2017, the scientific committee of the Royal Higher Institute for Defence held a meeting in order to assess the scientific value of the 26 new research projects that were submitted in response to the call for 2018.



On 16 May, Air Force Colonel GS Fernand Rouvroi, director general of the RHID, attended the Foundation Council of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP).

The GCSP is an executive education centre that facilitates collaboration in support of peace, security and international cooperation.

The GCSP and the RHID strengthened their cooperation through an agreement signed in September 2011.