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23 November 2017

The EU and Belgium in Africa: policy priorities and engagements



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EU-Russia relations: state of affairs


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For their 2nd seminar, from 20 to 21 October, the auditors of the 13th session of the High Studies for Security and Defence studied a number of key agents and tendencies in the field of security and defence. Topics such as global and local governance, internal and external security, the economic highs and lows, demographic changes, climate change, new technologies, and exploitation of space were discussed.



Didier Leroy is a research fellow at the Centre for Security and Defence Studies. The website of RTL-TVI features an interview with Mr Leroy.



The second visit in the context of the 13th session of the High Studies for Security and Defence, which combined a visit to the Belgian Defence and the participation in the XXIst Belgian Land Forces Day organised by the Land Component, took place on 6 October. It allowed the auditors to immerse themselves completely in the reality of the Belgian Defence today, first with a briefing on its challenges, later with a demonstration of its capacities, at least for the Land Component.



On Monday 18 September the first visit organised for the 13th session of the High Studies for Security and Defence took the auditors to the “Lambermont”, the official residence of the Belgian prime minister, for a long awaited and insightful exchange of ideas with the Belgian minister of Defence. The day concluded with a visit to the Belgian Crisis Centre for a detailed presentation of its responsibilities and activities.



From 25 to 29 September the RHID hosted the first module of the 13th CSDP High-Level Course “Johan Willem Beyen”. This module offers some seventy civilian auditors and militaries from the 28 countries of the European Union the opportunity to attend high-level conferences on subjects related to European security and defence policy. The aforementioned course consists of four one-week modules which will be organised in London, Sofia, and Larnaca this year following Brussels.



The first seminar of the 2017-2018 session of the High Studies for Security and Defence took place on the Campus Renaissance on 8 and 9 September this year. For two days, the 31 participants were able to attend six high-level conferences and debates with interventions by experts in international relations and defence policy. They also had the opportunity to exchange their experience with each other. The participants were very satisfied with this introductory seminar and are already looking forward to their next meeting.