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The engagement of armed forces in a broad range of extra-military activities that transgress duties traditionally assigned to them, i.e. the public security and defence domains, is a common feature in many Sub-Saharan states. However, their involvement in such activities has tarnished the image of African armed forces, which are viewed as marred by corruption, predation, unlawful use of force, and political meddling. This conference will look into the incentives underpinning military interventions in extra-military domains in Sub-Saharan Africa and will analyse the state and social structures that feed and sustain such activities.

In order to address this issue, we have invited two prominent speakers who will cover different aspects of the topic. Dr Judith Verweijen will share with us some results of her extensive field research on the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo and their involvement in revenue generation and civilian dispute processing. Ms Anícia Lalá, on the other hand, will draw on her longstanding experience in security sector governance to explore the plurality of political roles played by African armies.



adobe-acrobat-pdf-file-512 The extra-military activities of the armed forced forces of the DR Congo