Centre for Security and Defence Studies

Within the "think tank" of the Royal Higher Institute for Defence, the Centre for Security and Defence Studies (CSDS) focuses on the field "security and defence".

In this field, the CSDS conducts studies on political, military, technological, socio-economic, ideological and international trends which are supposed to have an impact on the rise, development and consequences of conflicts.

The CSDS is also a forum where knowledge and views on those trends are shared.

Through research and the organisation of discussions, the CSDS puts forward recommendations and provides military and political officials with background information, thus supporting the decision-making process. In this way, the CSDS contributes to a well-thought-out security and defence policy at the national, European and international levels and supports, through its expertise, the knowledge society.

Research activities at the CSDS focus on the following themes and regions:

  • the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;
  • radicalisation and terrorism;
  • global governance;
  • global trends;
  • Belgian and European defence policies;
  • Africa;
  • the Middle East;
  • Asia.

Ongoing research projects deal with:

  • the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;
  • international terrorism;
  • national and European security and defence policies;
  • the Middle-East;
  • Africa;
  • Asia.

The results of these research projects are published in the collection Security and Strategy as well as in the Focus Papers and the e-Notes.

The CSDS is a discussion platform, where experts and people interested in the domain “security and defence”, coming from all sectors, can meet. An evening conference is organised every month and a colloquium is planed several times a year on themes relating to political and military aspects of security and defence. Those conferences are open to specialists and interested people coming from the Ministry of Defence as well as from elsewhere. Moreover the CSDS organises seminars in small groups, where experts coming from civilian and military spheres can meet and discuss.

Researchers at the CSDS use various channels to share their conclusions and ideas with other actors of the Belgian Defence, the academic community or civil society in the broadest sense.

The CSDS researchers regularly contribute to specialised works and opinion or general-public scientific publications. Conferences, lectures and courses given by guest lecturers offer as many additional opportunities for researchers to share their knowledge and expertise.

The CSDS is headed by Colonel Patrick Eecloo.

The staff is made up of researchers coming from military and civilian environments.