About the Institute

picture of the institute

The Royal Higher Institute for Defence (RHID) is the reference body or think tank of the Belgian Ministry of Defence in the field of security and defence.

It is also responsible for managing the multiannual programme for scientific and technological research, including the security and defence studies, as well as the scientific research of the Royal Army and Military History Museum.

In order to fully accomplish its mission, the RHID has set the objectives of focusing the attention – by identifying research and discussion topics, and themes of interest – as well as deepening and disseminating knowledge.

Organising conferences, colloquia and seminars as well as publishing papers by researchers at the Belgian Ministry of Defence, and the Institute in particular, fully contribute to knowledge transfer.

The High Studies for Security and Defence, in the form of a meeting place with seminars and visits, provides training in these fields for high-level staff, both from the ministry and the civil sector.

Through national and international partnerships, the RHID has developed an extensive network to exchange ideas and experiences.