The RHID aspires to be, at a national and international level, the Belgian institute that is renowned for its excellence as a think tank at the service of the security and defence community.

In order to accomplish this vision, the RHID has first and foremost to focus the attention on relevant themes, consequently deepen the understanding and knowledge thereof, and finally disseminate the resulting knowledge throughout the entire defence and security community by a definitely dynamic and interactive approach. Consequently, the missions of the RHID are defined as follows:


Focusing the attention :

  • Seeing to it that relevant themes are identified in due time as well as making sure  they are properly developed and exploited;
  • Administering  the representation of the Ministry of Defence in the domain of scientific research both within national and international organisations.

Deepening knowledge

  • Presenting to the CHOD (Chief of Defence) the strategy for scientific and technological research–including the politico-military domain–by focusing on relevant themes;
  • Conducting research and studies in the domain of security and defence policy in the broadest sense;
  • Administering the whole range of scientific and technological research programmes of the Ministry of Defence.

Disseminating knowledge:

  • Organising continuous training by means of lectures, conferences, colloquia and publications on the identified relevant themes;
  • Contributing to the training of high staff members by the creation of a meeting place, which has been realised nowadays in a cycle of seminars called “High Security and Defence Studies”;
  • Organising coordinated public relations activities to ensure the exposure of the Ministry of Defence vis-à-vis the scientific, industrial, political, economic and social world, as well as to the security and defence community.


In the conduct of its activities, the RHID adopts a set of values with a well-defined meaning that its personnel make sure to respect in the day-to-day running.

  • Each staff member of the RHID permanently sees to it that his work is carried out according to the best professional practices existing both inside and outside the Ministry of Defence.
  • The Institute is open to the external world; its members are very open-minded.
  • The activities of each staff member of the Institute aim to bring added value to the Ministry of Defence and its partners.
  • All members of the Institute are aware that each of their actions contributes to the renown of the Institute and of the Ministry of Defence. They see to it that their image is exemplary and treat their connections with the outside world in a respectful manner.
  • Each member of the RHID’s personnel contributes to a pleasant working atmosphere, plays his role in the organisation and cooperates in a spirit of synergy.